Thank you for your interest in COUTUREBOY. All sample request from a Stylist or a Photographer are reviewed and considered. However, all are not accepted. We look for a clear branding match and take in consideration the destination of the intended images.

For tax reporting purposes, you must register for a COUTUREBOY account if your branding request is approved. If you do not receive a reply from us in 7-10 days, It means your request was not approved. After you register. Email with a description of your project with your contact information.

Rejection Reasons

* Sample Marketing Budget is currently close to request.

* Not a proper branding match.

* Intended location of the images do not reflect the brand.

* The request has no relation to our business.

Although your rejection could be due to any of the above stated reasons, we will not have time to state which of the reason applied to the request. Please note that all request will NOT be replied to, you will receive an approval email once your sample request has been accepted. If you do not receive a reply within 7-10 days then it was not accepted; you do not need to send multiple emails to receive a reply.

Thank you for your support and consideration.